Hi. I’m Jonathan Wainscott and I’m running for the office of Mayor of Asheville, North Carolina in the 2017 Asheville Municipal Election.

I was born in NC, on the Fort Bragg Army base in Fayetteville, NC in 1970. I grew up in Clemson, South Carolina though I lived in Oxford, Ohio from the age of 2 until I was five years old (that’s why I don’t have a Southern accent). I was raised by public educators; my father, Dr. Stephen Wainscott was a political science professor at Clemson University, and my mother, Dr. Susan Wainscott was taught math at my own Junior High School.

I returned to Oxford, Ohio when I was 17 to attend Miami University (that’s where Ben Roethlisberger and Paul Ryan went to college- I don’t care much for football or Paul Ryan). I began my studies as a political science major but during my second semester I decided to change my major to interior design. While pursuing my Bachelor’s degree which I officially obtained in 1994, I took a year off to apprentice with high-end woodworking shops in Chicago and in early 1995 I became self-employed and have been ever since.

I moved to Asheville in the Summer of 1998 and a year later I bought the home I still live in to this day. I’m now in my 20th year living in this wonderful city of Asheville. On August 2, 2010 I became a father upon the birth of my twin sons, Finneas and Avery. Yes they are identical. Avery is “older” by a minute. Yes, they look a lot like me but they also bear a strong resemblance of their loving mother. I was a stay-at-home dad for the first year and half of Finn and Avery’s lives, and yes, two babies at one time is whole other thing. Shout out to parents of twins: “It’s hard. Really. Hard.”

Currently I am busy renovating my 92 year-old house in West Asheville. I’m making my dirt work for me by converting the unfinished basement into a work/live space which I will be using as my own studio and offering a place for guests, personal and tourists, under the home-stay requirements that allow residents to offer extra space to rent for guests. Like many people, my house is my largest asset and fostering its growth adds to the wealth I can create for my family.

Obviously, I am also running for Mayor and if I am fortunate enough to win, I will be serving the office in a full-time capacity. I will offer direct access to my office so residents of Asheville can stop by and share their concerns, and if I do my job well, maybe an occasional pat on the back.

Jonathan Wainscott - Asheville Mayor 2017